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Favorite Resources for Relationships, Intimacy, Anxiety & Depression

I would like to share some of my absolute favorite resources that I utilize myself and often share with clients.  I return to these specific resources again and again.  This is just a quick guide with links to resources I use for you to discover, explore, and make your own. For Relationships & Intimacy, I… Continue Reading

Be Happier, Show Kindness

One of the best ways to create more happiness and joy in your own life is to show kindness and compassion toward others.  You don’t have to take my word for it; just take a few weeks and experiment on yourself. There are many ways to show kindness in this world, so you can also… Continue Reading

Fight the Summer Blues (&/or Just Be Happy) in Princeton, NJ

Did you start dreading the end of summer before it even began? Do you think you might be affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?  Or, do you notice a somewhat blah mood sometimes in the summer (not necessarily SAD)?  It’s not just the winter blues; it happens in the summer too.  Here are a few… Continue Reading

Therapy Tidbits: How to Be Happy in a Relationship – Premarital Counseling

People in relationships often struggle to hold onto their own identity within the partnership.  This is not necessarily gendered or specific to opposite sex relationships. A long-term relationship (LTR) is the coming together of two individuals choosing to live their lives together.  It really isn’t the romantic notion of “two becoming one.”  This idea seems… Continue Reading

Therapy Tidbits #1: Refill Your Water Jug

We all have a figurative internalized water jug that we use to pour over others in need.  You pour out a little water out for your partner, a little more water for your kid(s), for a friend or two, for a coworker…and then, before you know it, your water jug is empty and you have… Continue Reading

Be Happy in 2017

With the New Year just around the corner, it seems important to take a look at the expectations we have around happiness in our lives. People seem to confuse happiness with pleasure and/or peak experiences of joy. We are not meant to constantly be in a state of “happiness,” which means we are chasing something… Continue Reading

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