Women’s Sexual Empowerment

5 Weeks • $400 • Begins July 2022

Tuesdays 12noon – 1:15pm EDT

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This is a foundational course about sexual empowerment and knowledge for women.

It will include a knowledge base around desire and pleasure for women, along with supportive and compassionate sharing among women.

We live in a sex-negative and sexually confusing society. This makes speaking about sexual experience, pleasure, hang-ups, and questions taboo.

This group has a sex-positive focus. This is a gathering of women intended to help remove the sexual shame that exists in this culture by speaking about it aloud. Shame can only live in silence. Although the women in this group are all at varying levels of comfort around speaking and sharing about sex, we are intentionally breaking the silence…together.

This course will help you take charge of your own sexual energy.

We will explore tools and techniques to help you:

  • Improve sexual confidence
  • Better communicate with a partner about sex
  • Learn basic mindfulness tools for better sex
  • Understand more about desire
  • Focus on pleasure

You will walk away with additional resources for continuing your journey.

How It Works

This class is a five-week class and will be offered several times throughout the year.

Each class is 75 minutes and takes place live online via Zoom.

We ask that you be in a quiet space, seated in a chair (not outside, in a café, or car).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to miss a group class?

For the benefit of all group members and your personal experience, it is strongly encouraged to register only if your schedule allows you to attend all five group classes. However, it is understandable that unforeseen circumstances might cause you to miss one or more sessions. If this occurs, note that you are not able to receive a refund for missed classes.

What is your refund policy?

If you decide to cancel, you can request a refund minus a $10 transaction fee up to one week (7 days) before the first dream group session. No refunds can be issued after that time. You can request that registration fees be applied to a future group.

What if the group is canceled?

Groups will be canceled if there are less than five participants registered. You will receive a full refund if the group is canceled for any reason.

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July 12 - August 9

Tuesdays from 12-1:15 pm EDT

Aug. 16 - Sept. 13

Tuesdays from 12-1:15 pm EDT

Sept. 20 - Oct. 18

Tuesdays from 12-1:15 pm EDT

Oct. 25 - Nov. 22

Tuesdays from 12-1:15 pm EDT

I work with people to better understand their relationships. Not only in relationship with partners and family members, but also their relationship to their own body, thoughts, stress, and Self. I aim to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Through integrating the mind and body, I help you feel more authentic, engaged in and content with life, fully embodied in daily activities, sexually satisfied and empowered.

As a sex therapist, I bring extensive training beyond the basic psychotherapy to address the highly personal psychological, physical and emotional issues around sexual concerns. My specialized training makes it possible to view things holistically and evaluate a multitude of concerns, along with medical, emotional, cultural, and lifestyle factors to guide you to better sexual health and satisfaction.

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