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About Kim Atwood, LPC, CST

I am a holistic psychotherapist with 15 years experience working with individuals. I tend to think outside the box and use a gentle engaged, interactive, collaborative, and creative approach.

I work with people to better understand their relationships. Not only in relationship with partners and family members, but also their relationship to their own body, thoughts, stress, and Self. I aim to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Through integrating the mind and body, I help you feel more authentic, engaged in and content with life, fully embodied in daily activities, sexually satisfied and empowered.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, I am also a certified sex therapist. Sex therapy sessions are similar to those conducted with other counselors – sex therapy is talk therapy. As a sex therapist, I bring extensive training beyond the basic psychotherapy to address the highly personal psychological, physical and emotional issues around sexual concerns. My specialized training makes it possible to view things holistically and evaluate a multitude of concerns, along with medical, emotional, cultural, and lifestyle factors to guide you to better sexual health and satisfaction.

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And, there’s even research to back it up. Self-sex is just a nice way of saying masturbation. And, yes…I am definitely saying that masturbation is healthy. It’s good for your overall health, boosts your sex life, helps your partner, improves both mind and body. Good for your overall health Orgasms are just plain good for your…

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Sexual Performance Anxiety

It’s not just a guy thing…it happens to women too. We most often think of erectile disfunction when we conceptualize sexual performance anxiety. However, most people don’t realize that some women have a version of performance anxiety as well, though it presents differently. This idea came to me as I was listening to the Savage Lovecast episode…

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Better Ways to Initiate Sex

Usually, it’s not quite enough just to say, “Hey, do you want to… *wink*wink?” What are some good ways to initiate some sexy time with your partner? As a sex therapist, I hear from so many women who share that their husbands or boyfriends don’t know how to initiate sex well, for them. It seems…

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