Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Kim Atwood, LPC, CST is licensed in Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Internationally.


Is Online Therapy Right For You?

I want to make sex therapy as easy as possible, so I offer my services online. You’ll be able to enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home, and won’t have to worry about traveling to and from my office.

When you’re having a problem with your sex life, it can be really hard to know where to go for help.

You love your friends and family, but you can’t talk to them about sex stuff. It’s just too hard and awkward. It may be more helpful to speak with someone objective, who doesn’t know you, and have them take a look at and tell you what they see from the outside.

You’re busy! Talking to someone online may be more conducive to your schedule.

No matter how big of a city or town you live it, it may feel awfully small when it comes to your private sex life. You worry about running into someone you know in the dreaded waiting room. You fear seeing your sex therapist at the grocery store and just knowing that someone in your community knows such intimate details about your life. Or maybe your town really is small, and there just aren’t any sex therapists nearby.

It’s not easy talking about sex.

You may find that talking to someone through the computer screen, rather than face-to-face.  It may feel more comfortable to meet from the privacy of your own home. And you want make changes as quickly as possible. You can’t keep going the way things are going. You want concrete steps, an action plan, and specific exercises.

You want solutions!

The fastest way toward finding solutions is to contact me today.

I am a licensed professional counselor, certified sex therapist, and certified telehealth provider.  I offer online therapy to anyone located in Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania (the states in which I currently hold a professional license), and Internationally.

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