Ever Have a Dream About Your Ex?

Dream interpretation is a fascinating area of study and just plain fun. Some dreams can be powerful, healing and insightful.

Some dreams may include messages to help you heal or move forward in life. They often help you focus inward and build introspection. Other dreams may just be dreams and either you don’t really even remember them, or they don’t spur much emotion. That’s okay too.

The interpretation of dreams is just a way of using dreams for your own personal growth, rather than just letting them pass by without giving them a second thought. I’ve been interested in dream interpretation for several years. I have taken several courses on this topic. I’ve also read a lot about dream interpretation in general, and am especially drawn to the dream work and psychology of Carl Jung. I have been diligently following my own dreams for a number of years. I have found useful ways to make sense out of the patterns and other aspects of the dream realm.

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