Better Ways to Initiate Sex

Usually, it’s not quite enough just to say, “Hey, do you want to… *wink*wink?” What are some good ways to initiate some sexy time with your partner?

As a sex therapist, I hear from so many women who share that their husbands or boyfriends don’t know how to initiate sex well, for them. It seems that many men will just grab a woman’s vulva and expect that to turn her on. This doesn’t work very well for most women, by the way, men. I also hear stories of men just saying, “Hey, do you wanna…you know?” and expecting this to be the sexy things she wants to hear. No. Lastly, men, are you one of those who just takes out his hard penis as a gesture toward initiating sex with your partner? This also doesn’t really qualify as sexy for most women — though not all, and not all the time.

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