Self-sex is good for you…really

And, there’s even research to back it up.

Self-sex is just a nice way of saying masturbation. And, yes…I am definitely saying that masturbation is healthy. It’s good for your overall health, boosts your sex life, helps your partner, improves both mind and body.

Good for your overall health

Orgasms are just plain good for your overall health. As we all know, the orgasms provide a strong physical release of tension, decrease stress, and release a slew of feel-good chemicals. According to Planned Parenthood,

When you have an orgasm, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and make you feel good. The good feelings that come with an orgasm happen whether you’re masturbating or having [partnered] sex.

It’s true, many people have orgasms through partnered sex, however, these orgasms can be more elusive than when you provide an orgasm for yourself. This seems to be true for many people and for various reasons. In part, self-sex is easier because there are a lot fewer hurdles in the way. You learn what you like, and it works most of the time. During solo-sex, you don’t have to think about another person, or be self-consciousness about how you’re seen or percieved. It often takes less time (though not always) and you can more easily set it up so that you disconnect from other areas of your life. 

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