COVID19 Helps Some With Sexual Creativity

Dan Savage started incorporating a new positive sex or quarantine (pronounced like Valentine) story at the top of each Savage Lovecast episode, and I love them all.

This week (episode #721) he received a story from a woman meeting a man for a second date at the beach. They discussed the idea of going snorkeling at dusk because they knew they would be alone. They ended up skinny-dip snorkeling and this turned into some physical touching and playfulness that was erotic and arousing to them both. Since they both had masks and snorkels on, they were safe from the virus. They also did not have penetrative sex in part because of COVID19, and decided to leave it at fondling and talking. The woman expressed her pleasure from the build-up of sexual tension and reported that she and the man talked afterward reviewing what they had done together and how erotic it was for both.

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